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      Location: Ya’an, Sichuan.


      Project type: Full case design.


      Project functions: brand concept, architecture design, plane planning, banquet hall design.

      全案設計Entire case design:周明

      深化設計Deepen the design:沈倩

      效果圖繪制Rendering of the effect picture:吳暢暢

      多媒體運營Multimedia operation:華園、高飛


      Design: Xi Shang full case design.




      The design inspiration of the Ya Yan Banquet Center comes from the tea culture and bamboo culture of Ya’an. Ya’an is a famous hometown of tea culture in China, with a long tea history and rich tea culture. And bamboo is one of the specialties of Ya’an, with the qualities of toughness, straightness, and modesty, and is known as the “gentleman among bamboos”. Therefore, the Ya Yan Banquet Center integrates the tea culture and bamboo culture into the design, and expresses this theme through the form, material, color, etc. of the building.



      Before the project was launched, we conducted in-depth preliminary research. Through the analysis of the geographical location, cultural activities, market demands, etc. of Ya’an City, we defined the positioning of the project: to create a comprehensive place that integrates art, culture, entertainment, and business, and becomes a cultural landmark of Ya’an City.

      The building base area of Ya Yan Banquet Center is 1920 square meters, and the total building area is 6258 square meters. The banquet center is equipped with 4 banqueting halls of different styles and sizes, as well as an open-air garden, to meet the banquet needs of a variety of customers.






      The designer incorporated the initials “YY” of “Ya Yan” into it.
      The lines are smooth and full of rhythm,
      just like the lively tea shoot buds.
      The overall shape is like the bride’s bouquet,
      symbolizing purity and romance.











      With its unique design language,
      the Ya Yan Banquet Center interpreted the new aesthetics of modern cities.
      The exterior facade is simple and atmosphere,
      with a corner large screen,
      adding a touch of bright color to the building.
      The design of the door head is similar to three pieces of tea leaves,
      warm and elegant,
      as if telling the story of Ya’an.
      The design not only gives the building a unique memory point,
      but also makes every guest who visits can leave a deep impression.





      The theater-style banqueting hall has a floor height of 6.4 meters, with a main hall of 381 square meters, and each of the two side aerial viewing platforms has 220 square meters, for a total of 815 square meters, which can accommodate 22 to 48 tables of guests to dine at the same time. The hall uses gold and ancient bronze as the main tones, with a texture that remains new over time, being steady, elegant, and powerful, suitable for all kinds of nature of banquets.




      The entire banqueting hall is surrounded by several arched doors, and the arch of the main stage is decorated with illuminated circular light bulbs, quite with the style of Broadway theaters. The top giant tassel crystal lamp is magnificent and atmosphere, and the surrounding golden chandeliers are like a pipe band, playing a grand movement. On both sides of the main hall are the second-floor viewing platforms, which can respectively accommodate 12 tables and 14 tables, and are also equipped with luxurious large screens and crystal chandeliers, having an excellent viewing perspective, and can interact with the main stage to set up surprise links. It can also be closed up as a small banqueting hall.



      Galaxy Century



      The hall has an area of 650 square meters, with a 355-square-meter aerial viewing platform, and can accommodate 28 to 44 tables of guests to dine at the same time. The floor height of the hall is 8.6 meters, with a grand and fashionable style. It can be transformed into 5 themes through light switching and light soft fitting coordination, including the blue Galaxy Century, the green Sparkling Starry Sky, the pink Return to the Moon and the River of Stars, the red Vast Vault of Heaven, and the golden City of Love. It meets the diverse levels of demand scenarios of customers.


      The concentric circles of the main stage are stacked and rotated, extending wirelessly, like the eternal circulation of the galaxy. The banqueting hall is equipped with an aerial viewing platform, which is shaped like two leaves and is light as if it is. It is the best perspective for overlooking the wedding scene. The bride comes slowly from the stairs.



      When the new couple comes to the main stage, a star lamp can be lit, and when the meteor passes by, finally the 66 star lamps over the banqueting hall are lit, and the blessings from the new couple are then given to every guest. On the wall of the stage are opening and closing flowers, and the wedding ring can be hidden inside, and it will bloom and emerge along with the process of the ceremony.



      Minor Oscar



      The floor height of the small hall on the first floor is 3.6 meters, with a total of 193 square meters, and it can accommodate 10 tables of guests to dine at the same time. The huge crystal chandelier hangs down from the mirror ceiling with water ripples, making the overall space appear luxurious and have a sense of science fiction. The domed ceiling weakens the sense of boundary, making people seem to be in an infinite universe.




      The arches on the side walls extend to the ceiling, and the illuminated light strips make the arches seem like the portholes of a spaceship, bringing an immersive experience to the guests. The small crystal chandelier in front of the arches and the huge crystal chandelier above the banqueting hall create an extraordinary sense of space through the color control of the light. The large screen of the main stage can freely set the background atmosphere video of any theme. Whether it is a business meeting, a product launch, or a private party, it can meet various needs with its unique charm and flexibility.



      Elegant charm


      The floor height of the multi-function hall on the second floor is 5.6 meters, with a total of 330 square meters, and it can accommodate 20 tables of guests to dine at the same time. The style is simple and elegant, suitable for more diverse customer groups and application scenarios.



      The walls on both sides of the banqueting hall and the ceiling are connected with boundless curved shapes, and the top is outlined in the shape of a lotus with extremely thin light strips. The curved ceiling around the chandelier seems like the ripples of the lotus beside. There is a large screen on the main stage of the banqueting hall, which is convenient for various thematic display links and guest interaction links. By adjusting the color of the lighting, the banqueting hall can show different style themes. Multiple arched floor-to-ceiling windows, paired with curtains, are visually more soft and light.



      The open-air garden has an area of 550 square meters, and the circular green space is surrounded by a white sunshade corridor, which can accommodate 75 seats. The central circular stage can hold ceremonies and can also be used for other stage performances. The background of the art installation is designed with inspiration from the bamboo shoots that pandas love to eat, which not only reflects the characteristics of Ya’an, but also expresses the people’s good vision.

      露臺的功能性較為豐富,不僅可以舉辦儀式、舉辦婚禮結束后的after party,在平時還可以用作清吧,邀請知名音樂人前來舉辦小型音樂會,打造浪漫詩意的藝術空間。

      The functionality of the terrace is relatively rich. It can not only hold ceremonies and the after-party after the wedding, but also be used as a clean bar at ordinary times, inviting well-known musicians to hold small concerts and create a romantic and poetic art space.


      The first floor lobby



      The lobby area of the art center is 238 square meters. The green Changhong glass is used, and the various glass shapes are rich in layering and transparency, and the color is also like the clear flowing tea water. The streamlined semi-suspended design of the lobby front desk is like a light tea leaf, and the background wall displays the logo of the Ya Yan Banquet Center, with an elegant and noble green-gold color matching.


      The top chandelier hangs down from the hollow ceiling, which increases the sense of volume while maintaining the integrity of the space.


      The largest side of the golden wall with the largest area lays the main tone of the atmosphere and high-level, and the wavy vertical stripes form the mountain terrain of Ya’an. Opening the door is the hall king of the Ya Yan Banquet Center, the theater-style banqueting hall.


      Celebrity staircase


      On the right side upon entering the door is the check-in point of the internet-famous staircase. Extracting the black and white concept of the mascot panda in Ya’an, half of the staircase is transformed into a black and white piano keyboard. The sound and light effect produced when stepping on it makes this place a play and social topic point suitable for both the old and the young.


      At the corner of the staircase, there is a spiral composed of glass butterflies hanging, and the green butterflies seem like the tea leaves rolling and rising in the teacup. The effect is crystal clear and dreamy, and with the pure white staircase, it is a popular communication point for taking pictures and checking in to promote secondary fission.


      Art passage



      The second-floor art corridor is 6 meters wide, 24.7 meters long, and has an area of 148 square meters. The semi-circular top surface has a clear height of 6 meters, and the grille light strip spreads the light evenly and gently throughout the entire space. The corridor is scattered with some art sculptures, and there are 2 multi-person sofa rest areas for the convenience of guests to rest and chat.


      The overall visual of the space is light and bright, which echoes with the main hall on the second floor, “Galaxy Century”.


      Water bar



      The water bar on the first floor has an area of 30 square meters, connecting the dressing room and the negotiation room, creating a relaxed, pleasant, and comfortable atmosphere. The design adopts a large number of soft curves, and the low bar and sofa seats make the space visually more spacious and also make people more willing to sit down and rest and chat quietly.


      Negotiation room


      There are two negotiation rooms, each with 12.5 square meters, for a total of 25 square meters. The open-grid background wall can flexibly replace decorations, books, and promotional manuals. The orange background with light strips lights up the vitality of the space, so that this small space will not make people feel depressed. On one side of the wall, two glass walls with blinds take into account privacy and transparency, allowing customers to negotiate comfortably.


      Dressing room



      The banquet center has 3 dressing rooms, each about 16 square meters, with a total area of 48.3 square meters. The dressing room uses a no-main-light design to avoid the light and shadow interference caused by top light irradiation on the make-up styling. Multiple point light sources throughout the room gently scatter the light on the milky-white walls. It is equipped with full-length mirrors, storage cabinets, and other essential items for changing clothes.


      Side lobby


      The side entrance hall on the first floor has an area of 53 square meters, and it carries the lifting elevator, the walking staircase, and the entrance of the first-floor kitchen. The overall design is square, simple, clean, and does not lose the sense of art. It not only meets the demand for efficient passage but also gives the space a different kind of order and aesthetic feeling.


      Tasting meal room



      On the second floor, there are 2 test food boxes, totaling 41 square meters. It is equipped with a 10-person round table. The two side walls are green and white opposite, and the floor uses collage pattern tiles. The overall space is fresh and elegant, relaxed and pleasant. The test dining room is not only a place to taste delicious food, but also a small banquet simulation space, allowing guests to preview and adjust before the formal event.


      Mahjong room



      15 mahjong rooms, 19 mahjong tables, and on the mezzanine of the Galaxy Century Hall on the 2nd floor, 10 more mahjong tables are also set up. One side of the wall uses wood finishes to create a warm and natural atmosphere; the other side selects traditional Chinese painting wallpaper, adding a strong cultural atmosphere. The mahjong culture in Sichuan has a long history. It is not only a form of entertainment, but also a kind of social activity. Here, guests can enjoy the unique charm of Sichuan mahjong culture with friends and family and share happy times together.




      There are two restrooms on the first floor (including those for employees), one on the first-floor mezzanine, two on the second floor, and one on the second-floor mezzanine, a total of five restrooms. Different sizes were set according to the functional attributes of each floor and the capacity of the banquet hall. A total of 269 square meters.



      The restroom takes green and white as the main color tones, making the space appear clean and elegant. The washbasin mirror wall uses the luminous curtain wall combined with the green grid, and the light is soft and not dazzling, so that the face can be seen clearly when looking in the mirror. The washbasin uses the shape of the green marble countertop and the ceramic basin nested, with a novel and solid style, forming a square and round contrast with the mirror above. The toilet area uses the sky curtain lamp, and the light is uniform, reducing the shadow shaking.

      [ 原創聲明:本文為結婚產業觀察轉載;來源:璽尚空間設計;轉載請注明作者姓名和來源。文章內容系作者個人觀點,不代表結婚產業觀察對觀點贊同或支持。 ]關注微信公眾號:結婚產業觀察(wionews),每日推送,干貨互動精彩多


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